An internationally recognised conceptual photographer and video artist, Cui Xiuwen started her career as a painter. Her bold and avant-garde works often touch on sensitive subjects that were drawn from her interpretations and observations of the statuses and roles in society. Though controversial, Cui Xiuwen’s works are thought provoking for the spectator. Intersection series (1998) featured naked men with a highlight emphasising their genitals, in defiance of the preponderance of painting of naked females. In 2000, the artist moved away from painting and changed her focus to photography and video. Her subsequent work entitled Ladies Room (2000) consisted of footage from a hidden video camera recorder in the ladies room of a Beijing night club. Cui Xiuwen has investigated many issues related to adolescence in her later works, namely The Three Realms (2003) and Angel (2006), in which she explored subjects on sexual awakening, gender awareness, and social conformity. 2009 was another year witnessing Cui Xiuwen’s artistic breakthrough: in a series of works entitled Existential Emptiness (2009), the artist combined scenes of the bleak winter landscape of Northern China and photos of her alter ego. Her recent video entitled Spiritual Realm (2011) is a meditation on human behaviour, sexual identity and one’s relation to the other.