Maleonn’s fable like photographs are infused with a sense of the theatrical and romantic nostalgia for the past. He draws his inspiration from an education given by his father who was the Director of the Beijing Opera and his mother an actress. His works often contain props, actors, and a strange mix of hues, colours and stage like sets. His creative language, daring and outrageous in form, the colours he chooses, sometimes vibrant and unrefined, sometimes black and white with the feel of vintage photographic images, convey poetry while being unsettling. The term “steampunk”, a genre, which incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy and horror with a vintage feel, applies to his art. Maleonn’s works can be seen as a dramatisation of reality, infused with childlike imagination and a sense of magic as the artist masters the juxtaposition of pure aesthetic and ambiguous visual effects. Maleonn’s works have the ability to expand our imaginations and dreams. Emotions, the soul and love are key elements for him. Through his artistry, he brings the viewer a fairytale, an escape, an entrance to experience the unexpected. His works are an invitation to imagine the unimaginable.