Wang Jinsong is perhaps best known as an oil painter of the ‘Cynical Realism’movement, who later developed as a visual artist, through the mediums of photographyand video. This progression stemmed from his utilisation of the camera as a tool to studyideas for projects. His interest in the implications of government policies on socialconditions and contemporary Chinese society continue to be the focal point of his work.In 1996, he began to document a generation of Chinese families who were under theone-child policy introduced in 1973, as a result he created the One Child Policy series,which consists of a collection of paintings, each one depicting the three person family,with either the parents or the child remaining incompletely painted and somewhattransparent. The work depicts an example of this stereotypical model at a different pointin their lives, giving each work their own sense of time. In 2006, he revisited this topicand created the artwork Standard Family, which consists of the 200 photographs he hadtaken of the single child families. Careful observation of the lifestyle, fashion, andinherited features of each model family reveal their present and future situations. Lately,Wang Jinsong has reverted to his first love and ideal medium: traditional ink painting,which marks a change from his previous avant-garde work.