Zheng Jiang’s painting style is delicate and mature, and his persistence in striving for perfection has drawn him to the attention of the art world. The artist prompts questions on self identityand existence in his works. His first introspection started with his graduation pieces entitled, Sudden Ego, which he created in 2007. The works are medical bottles which encapsulate a self portraits of the artist, trapped and claustrophobic inside the container. The blurriness from the glass windows produces a sense of mystery and provides room for imagination. Zheng Jiang breaks the usual rules of viewing, by making subjects of the paintings blurry in a near distancebut clearer the further they are placed from the viewer. The painting technique the artist adopted is similar to that of the infamous avant-garde artist Liu Xiaodong, who was Zheng Jiang’s teacher at the Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA). In the artist’s own words, “We all have to face all kinds of pressure and perplexity during the course of our lives. These feelings of constraint come from the world in which we live in – the world is just like a transparent glass bottle.” It appears that the bottles represent the artist’s living space and time, yet due to the transparency of the bottles, his privacy is taken away from him without his own consent.