Post-Modernist Zhong Biao’s eclectic paintings demonstrate a kind of mastery overunrelated objects and events by depicting them simultaneously within a single canvas.His earlier paintings consisted of beautiful combinations of unrelated emblems, such asan urban girl and Tang figurines with chimney smoke and a flying crane. These paintingsexplored social transformations through psychological plays of the human subjects. Overthe past decade, at times of rapid economic development, Zhong Biao captures bothpleasures and disadvantages of materialism with his technical flair as he renders the goodlife many Chinese experience in a continuum with the past. More recently, the artist’sworks showa clear exploration of philosophical problems with the addition of abstractand metaphysical elements. Images from everyday life such as cars, highways, and urbanlandscapes, as well as people and inanimate objects, are juxtaposed with exaggeratedbrushstrokes and what looks like explosions of colour in mid-air. His works are incessantreminders of his personal existence in a modern Chinese society and identity as a citizenin a global community.