Mok Wai Hong works with paintings, installations and performance arts. Previously focused on Hong Kong and China, and on the metropolitan topography and cityscape, the subject of his oeuvre has expanded into international topics and figures such as Steve Jobs or the Japanese idol, Miko. Calmly and consciously, Mok Wai Hong poses through his works thoughtful questions about the undergoing transitions and changes of the society in which he lives in. He poses criticisms and provokes reflections on the ways that modern society is run, and the challenges a metropolitan is faced with to stay sober amidst a world that is becoming more and more accustomed to the hegemony of the media and the influx of excessive graphical information. Canvases, pairs of multi-layered mixed-media paintings with drawings on acrylic boards floating aside, bronze sculptures, a mock newspaper distributed through performances and left in newsstands or public places, are all media of artistic expression for Mok Wai Hong. The artist explores the relationship between fake and real, flat and three-dimensional, unique and multiple, free and for sale, material and ephemeral. Mok Wai Hong invites the viewer to look for the centre of attention outside of the frame. Through this displacement, the artist stimulates the viewer to question the roles of the media, of the audience or of the subject itself and their relationships.