Growing up in rainforests in the Southern border of China, Zhao Guanghui finds the transformation from living in the wilderness to the light-dotted Beijing overwhelming. The artist confesses that although he has kept pace with the fast developments in China, he has never felt quite fit for it. “I rode horses in childhood but now I drive cars and enjoy the convenience of the city”, the artist explains. Zhao Guanghui focuses his works on human utilisation and thus disruption of nature. His installations portray hybrids such as fishes transformed into cars, other animals modified into cars hatching from eggshells, a giant mammoth like skeleton with wheels and a snowboard with three (instead of four) legs, etc. For instance, a reindeer skull shows the modifications necessary for a modern Christmas sleigh, such as the antlers are expanded into a round shape to carry more loads and headlights have been incorporated at their front.