Chen Wenbo’s works are characterised by the use of vivid colours and a hyper photorealistic style rendered on a massive scale. Close to the ‘Political Pop’ movement at the beginning of his career, Chen Wenbo was inspired by consumer culture and gradually turned his artistic focus to the depiction of city life and popular culture. His Vitamin series, a reference to ecstasy, the drug of this underworld, portrays male and female figures with surreal bright or sometimes cool colours. By literally illustrating this rave culture, the Vitamin series portraits transcribe a hallucinated vision of Chinese society and dwell on the brutal transformation brought by the introduction of consumerism and the emerging materialistic culture in the 1990s. In contrast with these earlier works, for the past decade Chen Wenbo has stopped painting people to focus on objects, sometimes on urban landscapes. Chen Wenbo combines the sharpness and flatness of photography and the design of advertisement in his depiction of products. The choice of objects, matches, dice, mahjong tiles, a toilet, a sink, a cityscape, a warehouse door, an empty crossroad, etc. is a statement in itself. His more recent pieces take up the same themes, but a new direction. He paints scenes taken from quotidian photographs across multiple large and irregularly shaped canvases.