Best known for his iconic wooden sculptures, Fung Lik Yan also works with stone and metal. A former engineer, his fine craftsmanship and profound concerns for the middle class experience in Hong Kong characterise his sculptures. For many years the artist lived a double life: he worked as a white collar worker during the day and a sculptor at night. Fung Lik Yan only recently gave up his engineer job to fully immerse himself in creating art. His art represents the daily routines of Hong Kong’s middle class, as well as the challenges and pressures they face. His works illustrate his vision of life. Fung Lik Yan considers the interaction of different walks of life and the daily routine of labour as the fabric of society. Through his works, he also depicts the impact these activities have on the people. In some works, he intentionally represents the figures as toy size and limits the height to about four feet tall. This arrangement allows the audience to view the figures from a higher position, as if they were gods judging from above. Putting viewers under an objective lens, the artist’s works direct them to reflect on their city lifestyles: in this urban modern lifestyle, spending has become the sole purpose of working and earning cash. He thus leads viewers to evaluate their core values in life.