Guo Wei paints disturbing portraits of urban childhood and teenage angst. His pubescent protagonists are metaphors for the transformation of the society in which he lives. Guo Wei conveys the growing pains of a generation in China, the one following the opening of the country to the West and the subsequent cultural clashes. His representations of city youth convey the rebelliousness of their age and their defiance as well as some elements disturbing to the adult eye, notably the sexual connotations. His characters are often only wearing underwear, sometimes they are naked, or if dressed their attire is improper. Their provocative postures and attitudes, their possessions, such as guns, cigarettes, etc. are objects that their parents and society would disapprove of. They are the generation of the one-child policy. They are unique, self-centred and self-important. Through the internet, they have been exposed to a wealth of information alien to their country’s and possibly also their families’ traditions and culture. It is for them to question their identity and values. Guo Wei portrays the evolution and future of his people through the generation that actually constitutes it.