A Hong Kong-based photographer, Ho Sui Nam South, also known as South Ho, explores the societal concerns of his native metropolis through the camera. While his earlier works were inspired by personal experiences and states of mind, the artist has gradually wandered into commenting on the society and era he lives in. The series Those Shores illustrates how the high prices of real estate together with cultural aspirations of acquiring property puts pressure on the lives of many young Hong Kong couples. The young photographer considers how a tremendous amount of hardwork and sacrifice is required in order to meet today’s standard of living and how anxiety created by these constraints can impair one’s life and dreams for decades, which is the usual duration of a bank loan. Through his lens, he depicts the buildings containing the potential homes as beautiful, objects of desire, but also distant. They appear cold and the reflections of their lights in the dark waters are somehow unsettling. According to the artist, the focus of the image is “further than infinity,” a distant symbol of the unattainability of the buildings portrayed. His photos are displayed in light boxes, which allude to the neon lights and billboards used to advertise and create desire. To the artist, the pursuit of material goals is in vain and valuing money or real estate over self-fulfillment is superficial.