In his installations and performances, Hung Keung explores how people relate to the moving image. His works create a dialogue between the space, the viewer, and the artist’s research in technology. An art form influenced by the West, new media art is the experimental platform Hung Keung uses to play with the materiality of time and space. Since 1995, the artist has been involved in the creative and research aspects of film, video and new media art internationally. He focuses on the relationship between the limitations of human beings and the extension of such limitations through interaction and moving images. In one of his latest works, Dao Gives Birth to Thousand of Things / Dao Give Birth to One, Chinese calligraphies, cockroaches, ladybugs and other shapes are projected on the wall in constant motion. This movement, captivating in itself, becomes even more entrancing when a viewer becomes part of it, by walking into the space of the artwork. The interactive installation now uses the image of the spectator, integrating the subject with the projections, the shapes now swarming around and following the moving image of this new body.