As one of the earlier and most influential of the ‘New Wave‘ artists, Liu Xiaodong is widely respected for his artistic ability to convey through his subject matter the burgeoning entrepreneurialism of China at the dawn of the 21st century. Trained in the 1980s in a time where heroic models were held up in schools as emblems of emulation, Liu Xiaodong chose to focus on the antihero instead. Using traditional social realism techniques, he prefers to portray the everyday ordinary citizen in China, and reveal, often uncomfortably, the realities of the psychic landscape of his evolving country and society. He exposes through his works the shifting hierarchies that individuals occupy and the fragility between their personal links with sentiments of alienation and social discord. Imbued with rich colours and strong textured brush strokes, Liu Xiaodong's works documents the genuine predicaments of the poor and the rapid transitions taking place in China.