Having grown up with fast economic developments and rapid urbanisation in China, Song Kun’s nostalgic obsession with objects and scenarios in everyday life have set her apart from other artists of her time. Her femininity casts a substantial effect on her works, as Philip Tinari, the director of UCCA comments, “As a female artist, Song Kun is being herself. Her art stems from her daily life experience.” Using her artistic skills to speak for the current generation, Song Kun portrays the range of their daily emotions in her works. As much as recalling emotions of others, her works are also personal. It’s My Life (2005) is an auto-biographical series in which the artist produced diminutive paintings of the world through her observations everyday for a year, and exhibited all 366 of them in her Beijing solo exhibition in 2006. These works provided glimpses into the narrative of her life by focusing on small romances of the ordinary, and also an exploration of the world from a woman’s unique psychological and physiological perspective.