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Schoeni Art Gallery is delighted to announce its participation in the first edition of Art Basel Hong Kong 2013.  Schoeni Art Gallery will present the latest work by Hong Kong New Media Artist Hung Keung, entitled Dao x Microcosmic Play and Appreciation (2013). The work is a conversation between two of his most recent interactive projects, the Dao Gives Birth to One (2009-2012) and Microcosmic Play and Appreciation (2013). Both works explore aspects of classical Chinese philosophy and aesthetics through contemporary art practices, namely interactive videos and sculptures. The artist invites viewers to experience space and time virtually through the movements of the characters on screens or of such icons of literati Chinese culture as the scholar’s rock or the mountain from 'Shan Shui' in animated sculptures. 

Hung Keung's first retrospective exhibition, entitled Transmigration: From Single to Multiple Screens, will take place in conjunction with the fair.


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