Moonlit Metropolis: A Solo Exhibition by Yang Yongliang

Exhibition Opening: 18th April 2013, 16.30 – 23.30*

Exhibition Continues: 19th April – 31st May (open to public)

Venue: Schoeni on Old Bailey (21–31 Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong)

This April, Schoeni Art Gallery is pleased to work with Yang Yongliang again on his second solo exhibition with the gallery, entitled Moonlit Metropolis. This show will comprise works from the artist's latest series - Moonlight and Silent Valley, as well as the mesmerising 9-minute video work The Day of Perpetual Light. Click here 


Exhibition opening will take place on 18th April in conjunction with this year Hong Kong ArtWalk, and access is strictly limited to ticket holders. ArtWalk tickets are now available at Schoeni Art Gallery. Click here 

April 6, 2013