Europe 1875 to 1975: Selected works by European Masters

Artworks by various artists
Schoeni Art Gallery, 1993

Artists include Benjamin Williams Leader, Charles Camoin, David Hockney, Edgar Degas, Edmund Morison Wimperis, Edouard Vuillard, Gerald Cooper, Henri Matisse, James Edwin Meadowes, Joan Miro, John E. Nicholls, Maximilien Luce, Pablo Picasso, Paul Ilsted, Paul Signac, Pierre Bonnard, Raoul Dufy, Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, Valdemar Kornerup, and Vernon de Beauvoir Ward.


Published by Schoeni Art Gallery Ltd., Hong Kong 1993. Articles include Foreword,  List of exhibits and 28 introductions of each piece of artwork.